Congenital Heart Disease Support

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My name is Paul Youngson, I have been running a charity fundraising blog to raise money for a congenital heart disease support group for a few months now, you can see it here.

I have realised that there does not seem to be any definitive list on the internet anywhere of congenital heart disease support groups. There are some good partial ones which I have used to create this list but the idea is to have every CHD support group listed here.

If you know of a group that is not listed here then please leave a comment at the bottom of the post or email me through my profile to let me know. Thanks.


Nationwide: Association Nationale des Cardiaques Congénitaux
Nationwide: Der Verein Jugendliche und Erwachsene mit Angeborenem Herzfehler (The Association of Young People and Adults with Congenital Heart Defects)
Nationwide: Hartstichting
Nationwide: Foreningen for Hjerteskye Bam
United Kingdom
Nationwide: Grown Up Congenital Heart Patients Association

North America
Continentwide: The Children's Heart Society
Nationwide: Canadian Adult Congenital Heart Network
Netherland Antillies
Nationwide: The Curacao Heart Foundation
United States
Nationwide: Little Hearts
Nationwide: Mended Little Hearts
Nationwide: The Adult Congenital Heart Association
Nationwide: CHARGE Syndrome Foundation
Nationwide: The Noonan Syndrome Support Group
Nationwide: The Children's Heart Foundation
California: California Heart Connection
Florida: The Children's Heart Foundation - Florida Chapter
Florida: Children's Cardiac Research Foundation
Indiana: The Children's Heart Foundation - Indiana Chapter
Nebraska: Midwest Heart Connection
Oregon: The Children's Heart Foundation - Oregon Chapter
Michigan: Hearts of Hope

South America

Coimbatore: Tiny Hearts Foundation


New South Wales: Heart Kids New South Wales
Queensland: Heart Kids Queensland
South Australia: Heart Kids South Australia
Victoria: Heart Kids Victoria
Western Australia: Heart Kids Western Australia
New Zealand
Nationwide: Adults with Congenital Heart Conditions Support Group
Nationwide: Heart Children